Our Services

Welcome to Neurology Consultants.  Our dedicated and highly trained team is committed to delivering the highest quality cares for neurology services.  We want to make your visit as comfortable and welcoming as possible.  
If we don't feel we're the best physicians for you to be seeing for your particular issue, we will do our best to refer you to a subspecialist that has a special issue in your neurologic concern. 
We have offices in Chicago Loop and in the Southern Suburbs.  We have been providing quality neurology services and nerve and muscle testing EMG/NCV services for over 23 years (since 1992).
Office hours 8am til 4:30pm
Monday through Friday,
by appointment only.  
We dedicate time to our patients, and try to keep on schedule, so we do not accept walk in patients.  Emergencies rarely arise that can cause us to fall behind in our schedule, but we do our best to stay on schedule.  We allow time in the schedule for the occasional hospital emergency call that we might receive during your visit.  
We work with most major insurance and Workers Compensation patients. We accept Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, and many others other.  
We do not accept medicaid plans. 
To arrange an appointment, please contact our friendly team.
Neurophysiology Services
Electromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Studies
Clinical Neurology Services
General Neurology Consultation
Pinched nerves
Back pain
Neck pain
Numb hands or feet
Weakness in arms or legs
Carpal tunnel testing
Peripheral Neuropathy
Muscle disorders
Epilepsy and Seizures
Imbalance / Dizziness
Memory Loss
Bells Palsy
Patient Educational Resources
on Neurologic Disorders